【ENG SUB】The Centimeter of Love EP42│Tong Li Ya, Tong Da Wei│Fresh Drama

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A doctor, Qingfeng Xu (Dawei Tong), flies back home after study abroad. He and captain Yuqing Guan (Liya Tong) meet during the trip due to a life-saving situation. While they have feelings for each other, they come to realize that they all have a common problem: Family drama. In order to live the life they want and be together, they have to be brave and face their own family drama.

Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Family

Subtitles: English [CC]

Audio languages: Chinese

Director: Pan Yue

Tong Li Ya as Guan Yu Qing
Tong Da Wei as Xu Qing Feng
Tan Jian Xi as Guan Zhen Lei

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