6 Things That Make People Lose Respect For You

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Be careful of these 6 Things That Make People Lose Respect For You!
Respect is one of the things in life where it must be earned through everyone's actions. You are probably being taught that in order to gain respect, you must first give respect. That is true to some degree, however sometimes in your life, you may find yourself doing things that may affect the level of respect people have for you. And this exact moment you lose respect for someone is often the moment when everything changes for the worse. The moment where someone stands there looking at you thinking he or she knew you well or admired and trusted you, but now still can’t believe that you turned out to be the person you promised you they’re never going to be could be a very depressing moment. Working with people who don't respect you will cause them to question every decision you make and keep one eye on the door as they keep looking for another person to work with. The same principle applies to people you would like to build a relationship with - if they do not respect you, they will look for other people to hang out with. That is why you need to know the things to avoid and how to handle certain situations without losing respect. Here are 6 Things That Make People Lose Respect For You.

0:00 Intro
1:24 - 1. Talking negatively
2:29 - 2. Bragging too much
3:24 - 3. Not being reliable
4:27 - 4. Blaming other people for your mistakes
5:21 - 5. Apologizing for everything
6:35 - 6. Assuming negative intent in everything

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