8 Things That Make People Lose Respect for You #People_Lose_Respect #respect

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How do you know when you lose respect for someone? | 8 Things That Make People Lose Respect for You
We often realize, “The greatest expression of love is respect.” Everyone has a thirst for respect. Everyone expects some respect because it makes them feel good and makes them feel like they have some value for others.
So, without any further delay, let’s look at the common deeds that we do knowingly or unknowingly and lose our respect:

Treating People Based on Personal Gain:
People are often treated well if they are needed for any accomplishment, or else they are ignored. When people need someone’s help, they try to behave very close to that particular person. During the conversation, they go nagging around for help or regarding their needs. This type of opportunist, nagging, and selfish personality could never gain respect from others.

Advertising is what people hate a lot. When we are watching a fun video on YouTube, and suddenly an ad pops up, we get irritated and click on the “skip ad” button. Similarly, during a conversation or in a gathering, one should never advertise their accomplishments unless they are asked to, but sadly people do not leave a single chance to advertise themselves.

Even when they are asked, it is advisable to be modest and say it in a general way instead of bragging about it, or else other people around them would start searching for the “skip ad” button

Talking about negative things:
Very often, when people are having a conversation, they talk only about those events which are unpleasant, related to crime or any disaster. In today’s cut-throat, competitive world, everyone seeks motivation to sharpen their talents, so they keep on looking for people with a positive and successful mindset.

Nowadays, people are more likely to be alone and depressed as everyone is busy in their lives, and no one has time for anyone to share and care. So in such circumstances, if someone finds somebody reliable to share their inner feelings, one should try to listen to them and provide them relevant solutions if possible.

But generally, people do not listen to anyone completely with patience and in the midway only start talking about all negative things and become greatest demotivators who dampen the spirit of others, worsen their situation, restrict them to deal with their problem and above all become a barrier in accomplishing their goals. This negative approach of the majority crowd in the present scenario drives disrespect for themselves.

Comparing others either with self or with dear ones:
You might have found people who think of themselves and their near and dear ones as the most superior human beings. They do not give any priority to other qualities and always try to de-motivate people.

Whenever they see that a person is being praised for something, they start comparing them with themselves or a dear one and try to disgust that person by making him/her realize that he/she has not done anything great that it has to be appreciated by all.

Interrupting when others are talking:
Generally, people do not let others talk, which is irritating conduct. They don’t listen to the speaker with interest as they are busy giving their views in between. Even if the speaker is in the middle of a conversation without listening to the whole matter, they conclude and start delivering their point of view by stopping the speaker in the mid-way.

Not showing respect for others feelings:
When a person is sharing his/her feelings with another person, then that means that they both trust and respect each other. Most people do not give privilege to other’s feelings and emotions or hardly care about anyone.

In this case, the person who is sharing the feeling would think that he/she has misunderstood the person to whom he/she was opening his/her heart and that the person he/she trusted and respected is not worth getting the respect or trust.

Pushing decisions onto others:
If someone is discussing their problems with us, we should listen to them carefully, and if we have a suitable solution for them, then that advice should be shared. This is what a respectable man would do, but most people try to force people to follow their advice.

Being Dishonest and Lacking Integrity:
Nobody tolerates liars. In the present scenario, people often prefer to exaggerate, show-off, swank, and boost. If we lie to a person, during a conversation, at some point, when they get the clue that we are lying, then it is general human psychology to consider everything that has been said is a lie. Even if a single lie is uttered in the whole conversation, it doesn’t matter, the listeners will consider everything that is being said, is nothing but a lie. Hence, never lie.
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