An Adoption Story: Viktoria's Search and Discovery of Her Birth Mother

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S1 EP2: Viktoria was born in the North of Russia, in a city called Severodvinsk. She was adopted at the age five by her New Zealand parents who also adopted another child from the neighbourhood city and my birth city, Arkhangelsk.

She connected with her birth mother in 2019 after she reached out to me for help. She is still however, continuing her journey with those connections overseas and hopes to meet more of her family around Russia and Ukraine.

This is her story.

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Viktoria shared her story as part of my New Zealand Reunited series.
You can watch her Episode here: (You will need a virtual network to be able to view outside of NZ)

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00:00 Introduction
00:25 Vika's Story Introduction
05:34 Vikas Parents Support
08:05 Her Love for Dairy Farming
09:29 Vika's Childhood Knowing Alex
13:45 Vika Explaining Forgiveness
16:26 When Vika Met her Birth Mother
20:25 Openness from a Birth Mother
21:12 Vika Yet to Meet Her Birth Father
24:37 The Connection with Her Birth Mother
29:33 Advice for Others Adopted
32:56 The Love and Support from her NZ Family
35:03 Ending
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