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Nobody wants to be killed with one shot, right?
The project of a heavy anti-tank self-propelled guns was developed in the first half of the 1950s using Centurion Mk3 components and assemblies. Initially, the self-propelled guns were tested with a mechanized ammo rack. But since the ammunition rack did not match the dimensions of the tower, they decided to abandon it. One sample was made, which was being tested, but the machine was not mass-produced.
FV4005 Stage II in game
Research and leveling
The FV4005 Stage II tank destroyer is being researched on the FV4004 Conway for 195,000 XP. The car is purchased immediately in the "elite" condition.

combat effectiveness
FV4005 Stage II (Tier X tank destroyer) is an alternative to the existing British Tier X tank destroyer FV215b (183) with a gun with better accuracy and aiming time characteristics and a similar turret traverse sector. Simultaneously with the introduction of Stage II, we also rebalanced the parameters of the FV215b (183), adhering to the principle of "mobile but vulnerable" and "armored but slow", respectively. For the FV215b (183), the turret armor has been significantly improved. In turn, the FV4005 received a slightly more comfortable gun and good mobility.

Ultimately, the FV215b (183) was assigned the role of a medium and close combat vehicle due to increased survivability. And the FV4005 is an exclusively long-range combat vehicle, and this is due to a number of significant shortcomings of this tank destroyer. First of all, these are huge dimensions; As a result, the FV4005 is one of the most noticeable vehicles in the game, while the 14 mm bulletproof turret armor does not allow it to resist enemy fire in any way. All this is combined with a relatively low amount of hit points and 390 m of vision, which is quite average at level X.

An epic failure
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