Daniela & Jonathan - Lake Frederick, The Shenandoah Club's Lakeside Lodge - Emotional Wedding

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Daniele and Jonathan decided to get married at The Shenandoah Club's Lakeside Lodge at Lake Frederick in Frederick County, VA.

Their winter wedding date was 2/27/2021.Their wedding day was truly blessed weather wise... as they missed both snow and colder, rainy weather which had been looming in the forecast.

I arrived early as I usually try and do to fly my drone, whom I have named, VENTURE I. The Mavic Air 2 is a very impressive drone, and I love to fly it wherever I can! =)

After wrapping up with the outdoor B-Roll, I moved inside to meet up with Daniela and her bridesmaids. I spent a good portion of the morning filming hair, make-up, and misc. getting ready shots.

Eventually, the groom showed up. He of course had a small delay, but an important one. He had to pick up lunch at Chick-Fil-A! =) I don't think he brought his bride to be any though....Oops!

Daniele and Jonathan shared a very special and emotional ceremony together. Yes, Daniela did some crying as you can watch in the video...and Jonathan even shed a couple tears as well....leading the officiant to offer a tissue which they both ended up sharing! Of course, Daniela thought this was gross....while everyone else in the audience thought it was funny. Whatever it was....it was a moment! I kept that in the film as well....so be sure to watch the video if you have not already.

After the ceremony, we went outside for photographs of the family and bridal party. By this time the weather was absolutely gorgeous with blue skies, white, cumulous clouds and a beautiful reflection on Lake Frederick.

The reception was a little different than normal as well. Some of this was limited to the rules that covid had placed on the venue. Daniela and Jonathan are also a very sweet, Christian couple....so in this video, you will not see a lot of crazy dancing, partying, and drinking.

There was an introduction, the first dance, which was absolutely beautiful by the way. I will eventually post that dance and link to it here.

The groom danced with his mother, and Daniela danced with her two brothers. We had a cake cutting....with no fight....they were very nice to each other, although.....I really think Jonathan wanted to have a little fun with that, but was smart enough not to instigate any trouble. The couple enjoyed what people call "The Shoe Game these days.

There were a few toasts as well, one from the brides sister, and a toast from the best man. While they were good, they were a bit too long to include in this HIGHLIGHT.

The Pastor gave a devotional during dinner, which I thought was very good. If you ever want to learn more about marriage from a Christian perspective and understanding, I encourage you to watch this short devotional.....which I will be linking here, once that video is edited and posted.

At the end of the evening, there was a family who just could not help themselves.....and while it may have broke the rules a tad....they had to get some wiggles out. They took to the dance floor themselves and had a good ole time! No one really cared....and left them to their fun!

The couple exited the building to cheers and ribbons and were off to begin their new life together. While a different wedding shoot, it was still very fun! Daniele and Jonathan are a super sweet couple and I am really grateful for the opportunity to work and film for them! I'm glad that they will have this video to watch and RELIVE for the rest of their lives!

The Shenandoah Club's Lakeside Lodge is a true gem of a venue! I highly recommend this venue for both weddings and special events. They even have a restaurant on location which smelled AMAZING all day long! Yes! I did get some food and it was outstanding indeed!

I also want to give a shout out to Christina Hendricks! Christina is the wedding coordinator for the Lodge and I think she did a great job helping to keep everything beautiful and organized throughout the day! She was a great help to me throughout the touring of the venue and pre-planning stages as well.

If you are looking to have a wedding in the Frederick County area of Virginia, I HIGHLY recommend you contact Christina and book this Lakeside Lodge!

I know they will take great care of you and you will have an AMAZING day!

And....if you want to RELIVE that amazing day, please don't forget to book your videographer. If I am available, I would love to film for you as well!

I I travel anywhere!

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