GC - Hit The Road/Whoopty Remix

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(2 Videos Same Day Part 1)
Hit The Road Remix ( Lud Thumpa Version)
Whoopty Remix
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Directed By Kabron Films

Hit The Road Remix Lyrics:
Verse :
Im tryna hit the road with yo bitch looking flee
Aiming for that mill nigga I aint talking meek
Im bout hit the road with the mac up in the back seat
Nigga know wassup so why the fuck they coming at me
My bitch like Marge, Holding on to the maggie
If you aint got my money I’m charging at you like an athlete
Pull up high af it get to smelling like a gas leak
we don’t give a fuck bitch we get to ruining families
We a start a riot get to fucking up a rally
Aint no sweet tooth but she be fucking with that candy
Had to give her sum that bitch got cheeks like she sandy
Pack to the chess like a fannie
Man them niggas snakes sneaking up like they randy
we put on a show for they block nigga death in the alley is the finale
I aint from where you from this alien invasion
If we don’t fuck with you we put you way below the pavement
Do it for the folks and for my entertainment
all my niggas throwing forks, dont give a fuck bout what you claiming
Shang Tsung on yo ass Bitch Ill take yo fuckin soul
Hit the road zig zagging thru the pot holes
like a new strip club bitch you putting up yo pole
We gone light these niggas up and let em glo
put em on my hit list death note
Naw you aint the greatest turn you in to fresh goat
Im the star player and the head coach
Flow colder than a bitch i need 10 coats
She french kissed the dick then made me french toasts
Im tryna hit the road with Tony D up in the back seat
Bitch We making stops here and there like a taxi
Put my cream all on her face like she got acne
I don’t pay these hoes shit bitch I aint yo sugar daddy
Yo ass in the house like kyle massey
Cash me outside if u thinking that u bad like bhabie
When my nina get to singing bitch u popped it get jazzy
I just keep scoring aint nobody keeping tally
Got my nigga Meno steady rolling up a fatty
Dark Knight with a glock for those who see me as a black sheep
Im just tryna hit the road with the mac up in the back seat

Whoopty Remix Lyrics:


I hit them with that Dragon Mouth
I hit them that Bruce Lee
Tie a nigga up put a sock in his mouth like I’m eugene
Whippin crack in the booth for the dope fiends
Bitch Im the God, the only thing you over see is what the pope sees
Up all night putting in that work no caffeine
Just fucked on yo bitch, I might do it again like a routine
I told her i love her but I’m just a joker like Joaquin
balling so hard looking high then a bitch nigga yao ming
I go so hard i was born with this power like I got the x gene
give you all of these bars you can bump with yo celly
Murder on my mind just like melly
I am a bottomless soul so ima let this bitch blow till its empty
So cold with the flow i be feeling like wayne i aint talking bout gretzky
So ugly with it sometimes i be feeling like betty
If he survive a bullet to the chest nigga I’m coming back for that chess piece
Checkmate, aint no one but nike can check me
Im fucking that bitch if i hear can you pick up the check please ?
I do what i want aint no one gotta let me
rappers in the trash they done got body bagged nigga, hefty
Ill let this bitch blow all over you like confetti
this heat is approaching your personal space, I see you getting sweaty
You shoulda known when you looked in my eyes that lil nigga I’m deadly
Yo ass be mad yo bitch kick it with me and i score like I’m messi
I got my balls between her legs since she said ooh baby meg me
Put the tech to his Mata
It go boom nigga like shakalaka
With this choppa i be choppin shit up like piranhas
In the cut from the blades of baraka
I bee seeing thru the bull shit
thats my third eye chakra
Several shots to his pansa, till he leaking out caca
Red on his head I aint talking bout maga
She been sucking my dick but after the third line ima cut her ass off cuz she gone get lockjaw
We don’t fuck with no square all my niggas we as round as an eyeball
Fuck around and get hit with the stick like pinatas
Get hit way harder then yo mom with the chancla
Walk Off Like Hakuna Matata
you done put on a big front like u seeking a oscar
They say I’m a monster mobbing like a mobster
I don’t make beats but i feel like a doctor
Im shooting who aint in my roster
Tryna move like me tryna move at my speed nigga u an imposter
I eat rappers like pasta
Im so drippy and sauced up
sick with the shit all these bars i done coughed up
Get wet up with this pinesol cuz yo ass gone get mopped up
you all bark no bite like chihuahuas
this hoe so thirsty she want some milk
I promise that she don’t want agua
I swim in that pussy feeling like the man nigga Aqua
Bitch Im flyer than Delta
They don’t really fuck with you they just got an agenda
Nigga I’m charged up like drake in a tesla
I’ll Put you the an end I’m the Alpha
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