John and Benjamin Green Architects and Engineers by Peter Bell

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The Greens were successful businessmen operating at a time when Tyneside was rapidly developing. They have not had as much attention paid to them as the eminent engineers of the era, such as the Stephensons, or architects such as John Dobson. This was a time when the separate professions of architect and engineer were diverging and the Greens provide an example of how architects and engineers operated in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Paul Bell MA MSc FiStructE is a retired structural engineer. Having worked on many old buildings he developed an interest in construction history and has written papers on The Structure of Georgian London Houses, Structural Innovation in English Churches, and Nineteenth-Century Laminated Timber Roofs in England. This last paper stimulated him to look at the life of John Green who was the leading innovative engineer in the field of laminated timber in the early nineteenth century.
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