Lobby Reacts to Disguised Toast New Ladder Strat in the New Among Us Map AIRSHIP ft Valkyrae, Fuslie

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NOTE* this is an Edited footage from other creators where we added a storyline or commentary for you guys to Enjoy, Let us know in the comments below on your thoughts on these type of Edits as we Try to Follow YouTube Policies/ guidelines to Honor the original creators, while adding value to the clips. :)

From Today's Among US lobby by Offline TV and Friends, the lobby consisted of @Disguised Toast, @Valkyrae , @Sykkuno, @Natsumiii @fuslie , @Pokimane @peterparkTV @Ludwig @TinaKitten and Edison Park

Watch the Full POV of each kill and how the 18,900 IQ Ladder Strat Works. Free Kill/Bait one crewmate out with the strat. :D

► Disguised Toast: https://www.facebook.com/disguisedtoast​​
► Sykkuno: https://twitch.tv/sykkuno​​
► Valkyrae: https://www.youtube.com/valkyrae1​
► Fuslie: https://twitch.tv/fuslie​​
► Pokimane: https://twitch.tv/pokimane​
► Peter: https://twitch.tv/peterparktv​
► Ludwig: https://www.twitch.tv/ludwig
► Wendy: https://twitch.tv/natsumiii​
► Tina :https://www.twitch.tv/tinakitten

(0:00​​​​​​​​​​) -intro
(00:26) - Impostors with Leslie
(00:32) - Initiate the Plan
(00:43) - LADDER STRAT
(01:31) - Toast What are you DOING?
(02:40) - I hope She's doing Kills
(03:42) - What Fuslie was Doing
(04:13) - 1st Discussion
(06:20) - Lud Clearing Toast
(06:30) - Peter Toasts Ladder Man
(06:56) - Fuslie Kills Finance
(07:24) - Cockpit Discussion
(08:56) - Bye Pokimane
(09:40) - Tied the Votes
(12:09) - Double Kill for the win But. .
(12:53) - Good Button by Peener
(15:02) - Voted out a Crewmate

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