S07 E04 - Start-to-Finish Endodontics: Special Guest Presentation featuring Dr. Gary Glassman

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Ultimate case presentation by a Special Guest… This week on The Ruddle Show! Be sure to watch S07 E04 – “Start-to-Finish Endodontics: Special Guest Presentation featuring Dr. Gary Glassman”

A lot has happened in the sports world over the past few months, so Ruddle and Lisette take a time out to highlight a couple of their favorite moments. Next, we have a special presentation on start-to-finish endodontics by Toronto endodontist and past Ruddle Show guest, Dr. Gary Glassman. After, Ruddle and Lisette have a brief post-presentation discussion, provide some commentary, and “connect the dots.” The show closes with a bit of cynical humor and tough love, courtesy of Demotivators.

Get ready to learn, laugh and be inspired!

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