Toyota vs Bollard Crash test 140 km / h - BeamNG Drive

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Toyota vs Bollard Crash test 140 km / h

The "Toyota vs Bollard Crash Test" video is a video showing a Toyota crash test crashing into a roadblock called a "Bollard". In the video, the car crashes into the barrier at a certain speed, the car's endurance and resilience in the event of a collision with different barriers is evaluated, and the impact of the collision on the car and the safety of its passengers is evaluated.

The video was shot using one of the famous computer simulation programs known as "BeamNG Drive", which uses mathematical models of vehicles and simulates the mechanical behavior of vehicles with high accuracy. The program relies on a set of complex algorithms to calculate collision forces and structural analysis of vehicles in collisions.

Please note that these in-game tests are for entertainment and educational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect real-life incidents. Drivers must abide by traffic laws and maintain their safety and the safety of others on the roads.

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