East Suffolk Business Festival 2022: Strada Innovation - Managing Remote Teams

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Here at Strada Innovation we believe that work location should be irrelevant. Leaders who support their team to work from anywhere see improvement across hiring, retention and overall company success.

Managing your team remotely and engaging with them is a new skill for many of us and in this interactive workshop learn how.

10 Management Skills Remote Managers Need for Success

Technology has made it easier for employees to work from anywhere and be productive while working from home. More and more employers offer remote opportunities to reduce asset costs and attract top talent. Since the presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many organisations are working from home for the first time.

Remote work isn't without its challenges, and remote employees often struggle with loneliness and feeling disconnected from their colleagues and company culture. When these feelings go unresolved, deadlines, company morale, and all-around productivity are negatively impacted.

Who will benefit from this online workshop?

Business owners, Managers and Team Leaders will learn how to better support their team and company, whether your employees are working from home, the road, a satellite office or right next to you.

By the end of the course you will be better able to:

Explore work from home considerations
Identify remote Wi-Fi and technology
Utilise management skills for remote teams
Demonstrate inspiring leadership skills
Discover how to create a Remote Working From Home Policy

How will this be delivered?

The course offers structured discussions, exercises and example work to provide the opportunity to further understand the process of managing remote teams. You will explore successful structures and feedback techniques whilst creating an action plan for future success. Action planning is used for application of learning and future development.

You will be supplied with a workbook to accompany the event and for your reference post-course, as well as a copy of the ‘Remote Working Readiness Checklist’ for diagnosis of your current remote working situation and to assist you to become fully compliant to the needs and requirements of these types of working conditions. If you are watching this event via the recording please contact: economicdevelopment@eastsuffolk.gov.uk to view the workbook and associated handouts.
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